The Most Important Tip For Instagram Success

I have a tip for you, one that works even better than (the truly correct!) emphasis on visual language, hashtag research and honest interactions… it's about your energy and mindset!

First, mindset "no-nos":

Don't think about what you'll get out of it! Don’t be obsessed with the number of followers and likes you’ll get! Don’t upload images to please others!

Don't open an account just so you can become an “influencer” and proceed to upload advertisements as photos!

If you are already an influencer, don’t defile your profile with too many advertisements. Don’t take just any product you are offered and transform your page into a cheap billboard!

Take only what is right for your world of content, for your values, or at the very least what you actually have a creative way to present.

Don’t compare your profile to others’. Don’t think “what do I get out of this?”.

This is all the more true if your profile is that of a business, don’t think about how many sales you might get out of uploading an image!

So what should you do?

Use Instagram as a platform for self-expression

Get inspired by talented people. Express the story behind your business, after all you established it because you were passionate about something – express that!

Stay true to yourselves, write using simple and honest words, experiment with photography, upload posts that actually sound like you, enjoy what you do, enjoy the inspiration and interactions, that's how the doors of opportunity eventually open up. Think of how you can help others, the value they can get from what you share. Putting a smile on your audiences' face is the best marketing ever!

This way your customers, if you’re a business, or campaigns, if you’re an influencer, will come to you! 

I know this to be true! It's what I have been doing successfully for years, both for myself and for my clients, and it has proven itself consistently.

Oh, and please remember to be nice to others! Karma is a queen 🙂

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