Nice to meet you!

My name is Ira Khrakovsky-Dotan, or as I am known online – "Irahok".

I am an owner of “Sparkles – A School for online brands”, organic marketing specialist and  online communities enthusiast.
I am deeply passionate about high value content,  community building, creativity and authentic self-expression!

I’m a people's person and believe that social media can bring us closer together, rather than further apart.

I love to teach and pass on my knowledge and know-how! In fact, teaching means many things to me – it starts with getting to know the people and their business, understanding their essence, their needs , their “wants and don’t wants”, helping them express that glimmer in their eyes when they post online, guiding the building of their online brand through smart, real and authentic use of the Web.

I believe that real value and true self-expression should be the driving force behind all our actions, reflecting our values and beliefs.
In business, as in life, it is those who are able to express their story or viewpoint in the most engaging and authentic manner that draw a crowd, a crowd that can then evolve into a community, a community which can then sustains a brand.

My background and my work

I specialize in organic development of brands and their associated online community, primarily on Instagram. I have over a decade of actual experience in building digital assets which have communities of tens of thousands of active members behind them across Instagram and Facebook.

I simply love working with clients on deciphering the right content strategies, teaching them Instagram on all levels, and helping them pinpoint their true business strengths so they can consistently increase their follower and customer base in accordance with the brand’s values & goals.

I’m a co-founder of the vibrant and successful “Instagram-Israel Community” on Facebook and teach “Instagram for businesses” as part of my school for online brands “Sparkles”, as well as at leading universities and colleges around the country.

Some of my clients include

Gostyle Magazine, Tnuva, Ness Technologies, eBay, Shufra, Milega, Parqueteam, Ananei Communication, SodaStream, Zap Group, Aroma Israel, Laisha Magazine, MyHeritage, Pandora, Nofshonit, Taglit, etc.

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